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Suddenly, A Knock at the Door

Workshops and Education

In fall 2012, playwright Robin Goldfin traveled to Tel Aviv to meet with author Etgar Keret, where they taught a class to students at New York University in Tel Aviv.  Etgar Keret read a story in English and Robin had the students read and act out the first story from the play.  It was smiles all around!


In summer 2015, composer Oren Neiman, musician Gilad Ben-Zvi and playwright Robin Goldfin spent four days at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires conducting workshops based on the play in  storytelling, writing, music and improvisation to a group of high-school students.  The reviews were glowing!  


The company of "Suddenly, a Knock" is filled with committed artists and educators.  We would like to bring our joy and expertise to your high school, college, university, community center, synagogue, church, or senior center.  We can tailor our workshops to your needs and location.


For more information about workshops, please contact composer Oren Neiman at:  orenneiman(at)yahoo(dot)com

Tel Aviv 2012
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