Suddenly, A Knock at the Door

Click the images below to see photos of our JUNE 2016 SHOWCASE, past productions of stories in short play festivals, teaching and panels:

Ken Talberth as KATZEN, the writer
Tell us a different story!
Goldfish!  Wishes!  Brilliant!
Myron and Mr. Zaftig!
Katzen and the TV crew!
Abba, tell me a story!
Katzen and his 3 Muses
Mayhem and Madness in the Room!
Woman and Husband in "Cracker Jack"
Knock Reading, March 2014
Eclectic Shorts Festival 2012
The Angel of Wishes at Stage Left
Jacob Callie Moore as The Angel
Tel Aviv 2012 Robin and Etgar
Tel Aviv, students reading the play
Tel Aviv 2012 Etgar following along
Panel on Adaptation Summer 2015
Team Abba at the Panel
Etgar Keret at the Panel
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