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Suddenly, A Knock at the Door


Here's what the critics are saying about THE PLAY AND THE PRODUCTION:

Suddenly, a Knock at the Door  opens with "a certain wild confidence...the two onstage musicians are a fine touch, providing underscoring sound effects and occasional commentary with their acoustic guitars. And the show does manage to convey Mr. Keret’s casually mordant worldview, his sense that fiction so often palls before the quiet and terrible absurdities of everyday life."

                          --Alexis Soloski, NYTIMES.COM

"Under the direction of David Carson, the eight actors in Suddenly, A Knock at the Door, take their respective stools, and the brilliant, electric stories of Israeli writer Etgar Keret fill the black box that is the Theatre For A New City. The poignant narratives, adapted for the stage by Robin Goldfin and accompanied by two live musicians, are told in such a way that each story is seamlessly woven into the next one. "

                          --Jordan Anton, STAGEBUDDY.COM

"Live music composed by Oren Neiman and performed by Oren Neiman & Gilad Ben-Zvi fills the sonic landscape...Suddenly A Knock at the Door can be startlingly funny.  As the energy builds in action, the ensemble creates memorable tableaus to capture the moment...Broad mask work, challenging movement theater, and appealing new characters build a complete drama, with enough surprise to keep the audience engaged."                            

                          --Marcina Zaccaria, THEATERPIZZAZZ.COM

"...the work as a whole moves surprisingly quickly and with good humor...In the end, the show succeeded in that it made me want to pick up Keret’s books and start reading so I could imagine the scenes for myself. "

                          --Marti Sichel, WOMANAROUNDTOWN.COM



Feature Article on Etgar Keret and the team of  "Sudddenly a Knock" in THE JEWISH WEEK

AXS Entertainment Interview with Playwright ROBIN GOLDFIN

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Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation's Crowdfunding Matching Initiative.

Schusterman Family Foundation #MakeItHappen initiative  for the Presentation/Workshop: "Storytelling and Memory: Another Kind of Seder," at Town and Village Synagogue, April 2016.


"Suddenly, a Knock at the Door" has been generously supported through grants from New York University Provost's Global Research Initiative and Liberal Studies Dean's Global Research Fund.


The play was developed in part through a grant for a residency at The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in summer 2012. 



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